14 Nov – Space Industry in the International Community

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If we look up from our phones we realize that most of society today is run from above. Climate research is based on data collected by satellites. Google Maps is used to monitor the artillery strike in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. There are now more satellites in orbit around the Earth than ever before, At the same time it is seen as a security risk that society is so dependent on these space-borne devices, often no bigger than a washing machine. What does this really mean for all of us living here on Earth?
The space industry employs about 1,000 people in Sweden today, and 450 of these are in RUAG Space in Gothenburg and Linköping. The entire industry is currently facing major changes, the so-called ”New Space”. Venture capital and new operators, such as Elon Musk, redraw the entire map of what we can do in space and how we get there. These new players are challenging the entire aerospace industry, where traditionally all funding comes from the States, with a whole new approach to risk, and what space initiatives should cost.
Mats Warstedt, CEO of Sweden’s ‘space companies’ RUAG Space AB, is visiting UF in collaboration with Uppsala Astronomical Association to discuss the space industry in the international community, why Swedish space industry is successful and the challenges that comes with New Space.
Date: 14/11/2016
Time: 18:15
Place: Ekonomikum, Hörsal
Admission: Free for members of UF and Uppsala Astronomical Association. 60 kr for non-members.

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