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Do you want to get involved in an association? Are you curious about foreign affairs? Then UF might be perfect for you!
Since 1948 the Uppsala Association of Foreign Affairs has been working to further debate concerning foreign affairs and international issues. We do this through bi-weekly lectures throughout the academic year, the broadcasting of a weekly radio show, our magazine, travels and much more. Over the years we have invited a variety of relevant people to hold lectures; from environmental activists and journalists to ambassadors and politicians. Some of our past lecturers include Hans Rosling, Kofi Annan, Ban Ki-Moon, Anna Lindh, Olof Palme and Sharon Stone.
Membership is free and you choose to what extent you want to be engaged; as a member, trustee or board member. Included in the membership is our magazine Uttryck, printed three times a year, the possibility to partake in lectures, study circles, activities, trips and much more! Meet new people, learn more about the world and if you wish; take the change to become engaged in one of the groups:

– The activity goup
– The career group
– The debate group
– The travel group
– The lecture group
– The PR group
– The radio group
– Uttryck magazine

PS: Keep an eye on our Facebook and our Instagram (ufuppsala). In a short while we will be posting more information about all the possible roles!

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