15 February – Pub Crawl in the Name of Love!

UF + AMNESTY = LOVE Welcome to a pub crawl in the name of love!! UF and Amnesty student group in Uppsala want you to join us to manifest the right to love whoever you want. Friday the 15th of February we will have a pub crawl focusing on the case of Vitalina Koval, a […]

14 February – The Role of Religion in a Globalized World

What role does religion play in an ever more intertwined world? Throughout history, religion has in major ways shaped the world stage through the relationship between political and spiritual authorities. Although the destructive potential of religious traditions cannot be neglected, many feel that as politics become increasingly polarised and the rhetoric becomes increasingly harsher, a […]

11 February – Open Uffice

Did you miss the bi-annual UF mingle? Are you considering joining the best student association in Uppsala? Have some sparkling drinks, some snacks and meet the current Board! How does the radio work? How does an Uttryck article go from idea to being published? And how to you get Ban Ki Moon to host an […]

11 February – Colombia and Venezuela – Peace, Migration and Unrest

Years of political turmoil in Venezuela peaked when Juan Guadió announced himself the new president and was quickly recognized by a number of world leaders, the regime of Nicholas Maduro seems to shake by its core. On the other side of the border, in Colombia, the 2016 peace deal between the federal government and the […]