March 22 – UF Friday Fika!

Do you want to get active in UF but don’t know how? Have you been thinking about an international issue and really need to discuss it with someone NOW? Just wants to finish the week up with some Fika? Come hang out at UF Uppsala’s Friday Fika and chat with other people interested in foreign […]

March 21 – Dirty Money – the cost of Tax havens and Money Laundering

Tax-havens like the Cayman Islands have been linked to terrorism, dictatorships and money laundering. With exposes such as the Panama-papers and recent news about foul play in several large banks such as Swedbank and Nordea, the magnitude of the offshore banking industry has been brought to light. This lecture will adress the problems facing the […]

March 18 – The New Silk Road? Demystifying the Belt and Road Initiative

Five years after the initial announcement of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Beijing’s expanding foreign presence has stimulated the imagination and concern of many across Europe and elsewhere. The land route (The Belt) and the maritime route (The Road) from East to West now pass through crucial Chinese-financed infrastructure in Greece, Kenya, Pakistan, and […]