April 16 – Meet the Board Mingle

Considering applying for the UF board? Meet the current Board and get to know everything there is to know about the application process and what it means to be an UF Board member. Applications for the UF Board of 2019/2020 will open soon. We look forward to meeting you! ___________________________________________ Date: April 16th Time: 17:00-19:00 […]

April 11 – Ukraine – The Forgotten War in Europe’s Backyard

Since 2014 a war has been raging in the eastern part of Ukraine between the Ukrainian Government and Russian backed separatists, leaving more than 10,000 killed. While fighting continues, the conflict has gotten less and less attention in the news, and the Russian support of the separatists has not decreased despite condemnations and sanctions from […]

April 8 – Bolsonaro – The Trump of the Tropics?

On New Year’s Day, Brazil’s new president, far-right and ex-parachutist Jair Bolsonaro, assumed office. The election has provoked numerous questions: how should we perceive the nationalist movement in Brazil? Why do its supporters keep attacking women, black and indigenous people? And how will Bolsonaro’s presidency leave the Amazon Rainforest? __________________________ Henrik Brandão Jönsson is a […]