April 25 – Panel on Journalism in War

Every day, we read articles and watch the news to learn about the new developments in conflicts around the world. Yet only rarely do we reflect on the risks associated with procuring this information for the brave journalists and photographers on the ground. We have invited Paul Hansen, Tanja Holm and Tom Kankkonen to speak […]

May 5 – Apply for the Board of 2019/2020

It is time to apply to become a Board Member of the Uppsala Association of Foreign Affairs! To apply, send an e-mail to val@ufuppsala.se where you concisely describe yourself, what post you are applying for and why you think you would be suitable for it. Maximum 1 A4. All board positions are open for application […]

April 15 – Populism, Secularism, and Nationhood in France

The French version of secularism, laïcité, has had an impact on political debates in France ever since the French Revolution. However, over the last thirty years, this value has become increasingly entangled with French national identity and has been exploited by radical nationalists and populists (both on the left and the right) to make debates […]