21 May- UF Valårsmöte / General Meeting with Elections 2017

Uppsala Association of International Affairs welcome all members to the general meeting with elections on May 21st 2017!
Another UF year is coming to an end and so it’s time for a new board to take office!
The meeting will include the election of all board positions, accountant and the election committee. Attendance and voting rights are given to members who have, at the latest twenty-one days before the meeting, subscribed to a UF membership. To be allowed to vote the member should be physically present at the time of voting. Non-members may be granted rights of attendance by the general meeting. Should a member wish to run for a position, they may do so on the meeting providing that they are members as of the day of the meeting. For more information, and a preliminary agenda, see the by-laws of UF Uppsala. Documents, including a final agenda, will be made available on our web page no later than seven days before the meeting.
Info about board positions: http://www.ufuppsala.se/apply-for-the-board-20172018/
See you there!
Facebook event is HERE.
Haven’t applied for a position yet? It’s not too late!! Don’t forget that you can run for one on the day.
For questions regarding the general meeting please contact ordforande@ufuppsala.se
For questions regarding the positions please contact val@ufuppsala.se

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