30 March – UF Fundraiser 2017: Freedom of Speech

Uppsala Association of International Affairs, together with Uplands Nation, presents “Fundraiser for Freedom of Speech”
Welcome to a Fundraiser for Freedom of Speech and Press, to the benefit of Reporters Without Borders.
Today half of the world’s population does not have the right to say, read, write or print what they want. Reporters Without Borders works towards changing this.
During the evening there will be a presentation by Jonathan Lundqvist (president of the Swedish section of Reporters Without Borders), a panel discussion with participants soon to be revealed, live music and many more interesting happenings.
Come hang out at Uplands Nation to listen, mingle and have some food and drinks. All revenue from the evening will go directly to Reporters Without Borders.
Preliminary schedule:
17.00 – Start
17.30 – Presentation of Reporters Without Borders with Jonathan Lundqvist – President
18.30 – Panel Discussion: Challenges for Freedom of Speech and Press in the World
20.00 – Live Music
Date: 30/3 – 17
Time: 17.00-00.00
Place: Uplands Nation
From Monday-Thursday it will also be possible to make donations in cash and “round up” prices at the bar to Reporters Without Borders.
If you would like to know more about Reporters Without Borders Sweden, please visit: http://www.reportrarutangranser.se/
Please contact aktivitet@ufuppsala.se if you have any other questions.

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