5 February – Sustainable Water Diplomacy

Water is essential for all living organisms in this world, however the planets water resources are vulnerable and finite. The vulnerability of water resources causes a concern for security, this seminar introduces the audience to the concepts: Sustainable Water, Water security and Water Diplomacy. The purpose of this seminar is to spread awareness about the consequences of water scarcity in the world caused by climate change in the Anthropocene.
Lectures will be held in English.
Date: 05/02/2018
Time: 1:15-4:30 PM
Place: University Main Building, Lecture Hall IX
Admission: Free. A membership in the Uppsala Association of Foreign Affairs can be purchased at the event for 100 SEK.


Welcome and introduction
Theme: Water and Society presentations
Opening: Mr. Alexander Verbeek (Associate fellow of the department of peace and conflict research)
Climate change and Water introduction to Hydrology: Mr. Jens Berggren, Director Communications at Stockholm International Water Institute
Sustainable development goal 6: Ms. Martina Nee, Programme Manager WaterAid
Water Security and Water Wars: Mr. Alexandre Vautravers, Security Expert, Global Studies Institute, University of Geneva; Editor-in-chief, Revue militaire Suisse (RMS)
Break, coffee and light refreshments
Theme: Water Security, Conflict and Diplomacy presentations and panel discussion
Post-war water crisis: Mr. Florian Krampe, Researcher in SIPRI’s Climate Change and Risk Project
Water Diplomacy: Mr. David Michel, Senior Programme Manager with the Transboundary Water Management Department
Water conflict and resolution, mediating peace: Mr. Ashok Swain, UNESCO Chair of International Water cooperation
Panel discussion: Mr. Alexander Verbeek, Mr. Alexandre Vautravers, Mr. Ashok Swain, Mr. David Michel
Reflections from the audience
Summary wrap up
Aftertalk at the UF-Office
In collaboration with Folkuniversitetet.

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