A moral compass for human rights – Anders Kompass – UN whistleblower and human rights expert

In 2014 Anders Kompass, director for field operations for the office of the high commissioner for human rights in Geneva, received a report about alleged sexual assaults on children committed by French peacekeeping soldiers in the Central African Republic. This information was not passed to the French until Kompass personally sought to it, upon which he was condemned by the UN for sharing secret internal documents.
The story and the subsequent investigation was followed worldwide until Kompass was finally exonerated earlier this year. Except for having a great deal of moral courage, Kompass is also an expert on Latin America and human rights in general. In 2015 he was awarded “UN Friend of the Year” by the Swedish UN Association.
Date: 25/4-2016
Place: Ekonomikum hörsalar
Time: 18.15
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In collaboration with Folkuniversitetet

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