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The UF Charter: 2018-10-21  

Annual meeting protocols


Annual meeting protocol: 2019-10-20

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Attachment B

Attachment C

Attachment D


Electoral meeting protocol: 2019-05-21


Annual meeting protocol: 2018-10-14


Electoral meeting protocol: 2018-05-17


Extraordinary annual meeting protocol: 2018-04-08


Annual meeting protocol: 2017-10-15

Operational plans and annual reports


Operational plan: 2019-2020


Operational plan: 2018-2019


Annual report: 2017-2018

Operational plan: 2017-2018


Annual report: 2016-2017

Operational plan: 2016-2017


Annual report: 2015-2016

Operational plan: 2015-2016


Annual report: 2014-2015

Operational plan: 2014-2015