Apply for the Board 23/24 – Extra Annual Meeting

Following the spring Annual Meeting, vacant positions persisted which the Meeting was unable to fill. Thus, a subsequential decision was taken under miscellaneous matters to hold an extra Annual Meeting on the 22nd of June 2023. The primary reason and motivation behind the decision taken to announce another Annual Meeting were the unfilled posts within the Nomination Committee (previously known as the Election
Committee) who would then struggle to fill the remaining vacant positions. In addition to those vacant positions, the Committee would be constrained from fulling byelections of other vacancies that might occur throughout the operational year due to resignations of various kinds.

The follow positions are currently vacant are open for candidates to apply for, the brackets indicate how many positions it entails, e.g. (1) implies one position:

SAIA Representative / UFS Representant (1)
Nomination Committee / Valberedning (2+)
Head of Activity / Aktivitetsansvarig (1)
Head of Marketing / Markandsföringsansvarig (1)

Apply by sending your CV and a brief ½ A4 page, on why youre interested in the position
and why youd be an strong candidate as well as any other relevant experience that would
strengthen your application to by 7th of June.

The Swedish Association of International Affairs (UFS) is a national umbrella organisation for the eleven local associations of international affairs, and as UFS representative you are UF Uppsala’s voice on the UFS board. 

Your main task is to be the link between the national and local level. This position therefore requires that you take part in board meetings both for UF Uppsala and for UFS, and you will be a member of both boards. In the board meetings at the national level, you will have the opportunity to impact national level decisions in a way that corresponds to UF Uppsala’s views. As a UFS representative, you will also take part in UFS working groups and in one of UFS’s committees, where you work to develop the national association. You may yourself choose to take part in the committee that you find most interesting. 

To be a good UFS representative, it takes structure, communication skills and a strong will to develop the national and local association. Previous experience with board work and/or engagement in UF Uppsala is positive, but not a requirement. It is a challenging and fun position, optimal for those who want to extend their engagement to the national level. The primary working language in UFS is English. 

If you have any questions about the position, don’t hesitate to contact Marcus at

As Head of Activity you organize UF:s yearly recurring events (gasque, Get Active etc.) as well as other fun activities that you or the members wish to arrange. In addition to the fixed events this can include film screenings, election wakes or board game nights. The Heads of Activity should function as project leaders and give members the chance to raise initiatives and develop. The challenge is to coordinate and follow up the activities that are carried out. 


If there is wide participation amongst members, many fun and very appreciated activities can be held. The workload varies depending on the size of the activity group, number of activities you choose to arrange and if the event is in a close future. Meetings with the activity group are held weekly or every other week, additional work consists of planning amongst the two heads, as well as administration and board tasks. As a person you should be social, structured and have good leadership qualities. Since a lot of things can happen at the same time, good communication and being able to delegate tasks is important. Being Head of Activity is an unique opportunity providing valuable experiences, both for your studies and for work life.Take the chance and apply!


If you have any questions about the post as Head of Activity, send an email to current heads, Benjamin and Frida, at

Do you want to gain qualified experience in marketing, from Sweden’s largest association of foreign affairs? Application is now open for the position Head of Marketing! We are looking for two people to be responsible for UF Uppsala’s external communications. As Head of Marketing in UF Uppsala, you will be responsible for the association’s public relations and marketing- creating public awareness of lectures, seminars, gasques and other projects within UF. This is done by designing posters, headers, videos and social media. To put it in short, a responsibility for everything that makes the association visible and ensures that the spread of information regarding UF events is as large as possible. If you want significant creative liberty with the opportunity to decide how you shape and organize your work, this is the right position for you.


As Head of Marketing it is important to have a sense for project management and organisation, but at the same time being innovative and creative. You will be in close communication with all parts of the association as well as partner organisations, and you should therefore have a good cooperation ability. The Marketing work is ongoing during the entire operational year, which means you need to have time available continuously. Structure and planning are therefore crucial abilities. Preferably we see that you have knowledge and earlier experience in graphic design (Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator) and an interest in communications and public relations, but the post also opens up for learning and developing these skills further. Finally, there are opportunities for internal training and networking.

As part of the Election Committee of UF Uppsala, your contribution makes sure that the association continues to be managed by committed and competent people. The work includes preparing application processes, holding interviews and nominating people for the positions on the board, auditor, deputy auditor and election committee prior to the next election meeting. The Electoral Committee also assists the board with by-elections if any board member resigns during the operational year and when vacant positions appear. 


Previous experience of association work is preferable. Long-term thinking, the ability to see the whole process, as well as good social skills are important qualities for the work of the Election Committee. In addition to this, you are also welcome to have a heart that beats a little extra for UF Uppsala. 


If you have questions or concerns about the Election Committee’s work, you can reach out to the current Election Committee at

Thanks for reading, we hope to see you soon

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Since its foundation in 1948, UF Uppsala has been working to encourage debate on foreign politics and international affairs. We do this by arranging weekly lectures throughout the academic year, hosting a radio show, creating a magazine, organizing trips and study visits, and much more.

Since its foundation in 1948, UF Uppsala has been working to encourage debate on foreign politics and international affairs. We do this by arranging weekly lectures throughout the academic year.

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