Apply for UF’s Project Financing

Hi there!

Are you an avid follower of international relations and questions, and want to organize a project that you think is missing in UF? Then YOU can apply for UF’s project financing to make your ideas come to life!

UF has set aside a sum of 20 000 SEK for the operational year 19/20, in order to finance creative and unique projects by our members of UF Uppsala. This can be approved for one big project or spread out over several depending on application and project. 

How do I apply?

Download the guidelines for UF project financing here: in order to read the important terms as well as details about how to apply and what kind of projects that could qualify. Also, make sure your idea falls within the criteria of projects UF Uppsala can stand behind.

If you think that your project may qualify for our financing (and remember, you need to be a UF-member), download the application template here, fill it out, and send it to our treasurer at 

We will get back to you within a week of receiving your application and let you know whether or not we will proceed with your application.

We look forward to reading your ideas!

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