The applications are open to be part of the next UF Uppsala board and other positions within the organization! Are you looking for a new challenge for the upcoming academic year? This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet great people, learn about foreign politics and get relevant work experience.

The Uppsala Association of Foreign Affairs is a well established organization that is recognized throughout the country. Being part of the UF board is a highlight on any CV, and an opportunity to develop different skills for your future career.

The available positions are:
– President
– Vice President
– Treasurer
– Secretary
– UFS-Representative
– Head of PR (2)
– Head of Lectures (2)
– Head of Activity (2)
– Uttryck Editor-in-Chief (2)
– Uttryck Web Editor-in-Chief (2)
– Head of Radio
– Head of Travel
– Head of Careers (2)
– Head of Debate
– Head of UFMUN
– Election Committee (2+)
– Auditor (2)

You find the descriptions of all the open positions here:…/1_I1xAgl…/edit…

Want to apply? Click this link and follow the instructions to fill out the form:

Are you thinking of someone who would be perfect for a certain position? Nominate them anonymously using this form:

The last day to apply is April 19th, but don’t wait until then to apply as we will hold interviews continuously. All positions are open for English speakers except for president, treasurer, secretary and auditor which all require a person who is Swedish speaking. You may apply to several positions. The positions are effective from July 1st this year to June 30th 2023. After having received the applications the Election Committee will get back to the applicants as soon as possible.

Check out one of our weekly Fikas held by the board in Uffice for an opportunity to speak to the board about their positions. The events are posted to the UF Uppsala facebook.
You are very welcome to send an email to if you have general questions about the application procedure. In the document with the post descriptions, you find the contact details of each person who currently holds the position if you want to reach out to them directly.
Good luck!

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