The moment you’ve been waiting for is here, the next theme for uttryck is..




Sometimes we forget that humans are at the centre of everything that takes place around us. Some of the individuals that impact our lives and international politics are powerful leaders, others are activists, scientists, or someone completely different. In this next issue we want to highlight the individual’s role in international politics. 


To take part, all you need to do is pick an individual who you consider to have had an impact on an event, idea, or process of your choosing within international politics and consider that specific individual’s role in all of this. We’ll help you along the way to write the best article you can write. Come with us on this journey of foreign policy portraits, we think you have the perfect idea just waiting to be brought out. 


Send in your pitch to by the 13th of April at the latest to be able to contribute!


Unsure about what to write? Come to our workshop on the 10th of April! See more info on our instagram (@uttryckmagazine)!