Career Day is a career fair offering an opportunity for students in politics and the social sciences to meet employers from both the public and private sector. NGOs, unions, think tanks and international organisations will all be represented.



Exhibitors this year


FCG Sweden
Föreningen för utvecklingsfrågor
Svenska Freds
Oxford Research
Kvinna till Kvinna
Institute for Security and Development
EU-kommissionen i Sverige
Globala Portalen/Forum Syd
Rädda Barnen
Prime Group
Operation 1325
The main speaker of Career Day 2020 is Inger Ashing.

Inger Ashing has been engaged in human rights issues since the early 1990´s. She started as a volunteer in Rosengård in Malmö, where she at the age of 12 participated in the founding of the association Non Fighting Generation. She has also been the head of apartment and vice director general on Myndigheten för ungdoms- och civilsamhällesfrågor, president of the Swedish Save the Children, manager of the Delegation against segregation, member in Folkbildningsrådets board, and since 2019 manager for international Save the Children. She superseded Denmarks former Prime Minister and leads an organisation with 25 000 employees and operation in 120 countries. Inger Ashing will be give a speech at the Career Day. Be sure not to miss it!

Career day will be held at Värmland Nation the 15th of April 13-17.

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Exhibitors last year

  • EU Careers
  • Qandil
  • Drivhuset
  • Svenska Unescorådet
  • Akademikerförbundet SSR
  • Amnesty International
  • SCB
  • Swedish Defence Research Center (FOI)
  • Oxford Research
  • Svenska freds
  • Svalorna Latinamerika
  • Reach for Change
  • Knivsta Kommun
  • Samhällsbyggarna
  • Föreningen för Utvecklingsfrågor
  • Life and Peace Institute

Career Day is a collaboration between Uppsala Association of Foreign Affairs, Uppsala Politicesstuderande, Föreningen Samhällsvetarna, Uppsala Peace and Development Students’ Association and Pax et Bellum.