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The Career group aims to bridge the gap between students and employers and to give members insight into what a career in foreign affairs can entail. We organize events and projects to bring members closer to their future career.

Striving to provide our members with opportunities to network with potential employers, we organize seminars, prep courses, mingles, and panel discussions. Our flagship projects are Career Day and the Academy of Foreign Politics. But we also organize workshops, meetings, and an array of different events during the year to help members boost their careers in global affairs.

Career Day 2024

Career day is a fair where we meet multiple institutions, NGOs, organizations and public authorities to come and have a chat with our members that are interested in prospects for internships, jobs, voluntary work, etc. Added to the multiple opportunities to acquire new contacts,  members also can assist especial lectures during the fair and assist to different activities that are always aimed to improve your abilities and professional development.

Career day is held annually, around April/May. Don’t forget to follow us on social media and check the updates here on the website to get the latest news.

The Academy of Foreign Politics

The Academy is our annual prep-course consisting of seminars, lectures and networking events during the rest of the academic year. The goal is to help students acquire new knowledge by getting a concrete picture of what they want to work with and how to reach their goals, it serves as a bridge between studies and working life.

Career counseling and other events

Aside from our two flagship projects, we also provide career counseling, assistance in writing CV’s, and courses in MS Excel, among other things.

For Members

Joining the career group means getting a near invaluable opportunity to get in touch with employers, as well as learning and getting used to navigating the tricky web of foreign politics. As the group is only a few years old, an ambitious student has the opportunity to shape the group and influence the direction of the events. Do you want to establish a mentorship programme? Organize a networking breakfast? We want to provide you the resources to do so.

For Employers and Organizations

Do you want to stand as an exhibitor for Career Day, or teach students valuable skills through the Academy? Are you looking to recruit interns, and meet prospective talents? The Career Group is looking to help bind students with your operations, and provide a steady stream of ambitious and well-prepared up-and-comers for you.

If you are interested in partaking in the Career Day fair, please contact us at careers@ufuppsala.se for more information.

News and updates on Career

Career Day 2024 — Discover opportunities for internships, jobs, and more
Ambassador Brunch –  Meet the ambassadors
Volunteer for Career Day 2024
Karriärsseminarium – Folk och Försvar
Seminar – Careers Within Foreign Affairs

May 13 - Ekonomikum 12:00 - 18:00 Career Day 2024: Engage, Connect, Grow Join us at Career Day 2024, an annual fair where members can connect directly with a variety

May 7, 2024

Join UF Uppsala at the prestigious Uppsala Castle for the Ambassador Brunch—an exclusive event where members mingle with diplomats to discuss political and work-life topics on in-depth.   Register for

April 27, 2024

UF Uppsala is now looking for volunteers for Career day 2024.   Career day is an annual event where we partner with institutions, organizations and companies to come and talk

March 4, 2024

Delta i ett upplysande seminarium med talare från Folk och Försvar. Talare ska dela insikter om sina roller och reflektera över sin resa till där de står idag, omfattande både

March 1, 2024

Join us for a Career Seminar! Uffice (Ekonomikum's basement) February 29 18:00-19:30 Explore careers in foreign affairs, learn about opportunities, work life in the UD, and the transition from student

February 16, 2024
Join the planning

Ideal profile for our team

The Uppsala Association of International Affairs recruits career trustees at the start of each operational year (around August/September). The career trustees work closely with the Heads of Career to organize the program, find potential exhibitors and lecturers, and help in the execution of our events. If you want to take the biggest role, by May every year the Association elects the board for the upcoming operational year, there you can become the next Head of Career.

The internal work is divided in two main groups. One is responsible for organizing the highly anticipated job fair ‘Career Day’ where students get to meet with exhibitors and future employers from national and international organizations. The other part is planning the operations of the Academy of Foreign Politics, a program that stretches throughout the academic year. The work within the Academy mainly consists of organizing seminars, workshops, and lectures on different topics of interest to our members.

The position requires a responsible, independent, and passionate person with good organizational and social skills. You will interact with many influential people, develop your speaking and writing skills, and potentially earn valuable networking for your future career. the positions in the team require a lot of ambition, as well as communication and organizational skills. You will therefore have a lot of creative freedom but should not be afraid to take on a lot of responsibility.

The team 23/24

Stacy Ogechukwu Ikemefuna 

Head of Career


Linnea Törnlund

Head of Career


Rym Al Hashimi

Career trustee