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Career Day 2024 — Discover opportunities for internships, jobs, and more

May 13 – Ekonomikum 12:00 – 18:00 Career Day 2024: Engage, Connect, Grow Join us at Career Day 2024, an annual fair where members can connect directly with a variety of exhibitors representing institutions, NGOs, organizations, and public authorities. Discover opportunities for internships, jobs, voluntary work, and more while networking with industry leaders.   Expert Insights from Lecturers: Time Lecturer hall 12:00 Akademikerförbundet SSR B153 12:30 Akademikerförbundet SSR B153 13:00 Akademikerförbundet SSR B153 Lecture 14:00-15:00: “EU Career Opportunity” 14:00 European Parliament & UHR B115 14:30  European Parliament & UHR B115 15:00  European Parliament & UHR B115 15:30 ISDP B115 16:00 ISDP B115 16:30 Oxford Research B115 17:00 Oxford Research B115 17:30 Oxford Research B115   Exhibitors Include: AIESEC Akavia Akademikerförbundet SSR Drivhuset EU Student-ambassador European Parliament Fackförbundet ST ISDP SILC Jordens vänner Attend special lectures hosted by experts from the different institutions. Take part in activities designed to enhance your skills and professional development. Don’t miss out on the opportunities awaiting you at Career Day 2024.

Ambassador Brunch – Meet the ambassadors

Join UF Uppsala at the prestigious Uppsala Castle for the Ambassador Brunch—an exclusive event where members mingle with diplomats to discuss political and work-life topics on in-depth.   Register for the event here   May 20 11:00-13:00 Uppsala castle   The ambassadors Ambassador Erik Ramathan Ambassador Karim Mendrek AmbassadorKristina Miśkowiak Beckvard Ambassador René Nyberg Ambassador Dr. Joachim Bertele Ambassador Noke Masaki Ambassador Helena Lagerlöf & Former ambassador Jakob Kiefer Hope to see you there!

“No Room” for LGBTQ+ Community in Indonesia.

 April 24 17:15 – 18:00 Hörsal 2 Ekonomikum Indonesia, the worlds largest Muslim-majority country, demonstrated a high level of openness towards the LBTQ+ community prior to 2016. Notable instances of this tolerance included the acceptance of the “waria” community (individuals assigned male at birth who adopted feminine gender expressions, recognized as a third gender in Indonesia), LGBTQ+ oriented events like the Q! Film Festival, and vibrant LGBTQ+ nightlife options in major cities. Additionally, advocacy groups operated with relative freedom, promoting education and community support. Since the mid-2010s, the situation for Indonesias LGBTQ+ community has deteriorated significantly. Escalating anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric from governments and religious figures, along with proposed legal changes, have heightened risks. This has led to fewer LGBTQ+ events, increased scrutiny of advocacy groups, and forced many in the community to seek safer environments either domestically or abroad. This lecture will delve into these shifts, emphasizing the growing dangers faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in Indonesia. Become a member of UF Uppsala to attend the lecture: https://ufuppsala.se/become-a-member/

Apply for the Board 2024/2025 – Extended deadline

Are you deeply interested in foreign affairs, peace and conflict studies, political science, or communications? Or do you possess a genuine interest in international issues? Or do you happen to want experience in project management or administration roles? If so, we invite you to consider applying to the UF Uppsala Board. This is an opportunity to contribute significantly to our organization and to engage in a year of meaningful and professional development. All positions, with the exception of auditor and election committee, also involve a seat on UF Uppsala’s board. As a board member, you attend board meetings and work to develop UF Uppsala as an organization. Good knowledge of the association is therefore a plus and it is therefore good if you have previously been involved in UF Uppsala, but it is not a requirement and everyone with an interest in international issues is encouraged to apply! The last day for applications is April 23th.

Jubilee Gasque 75th Anniversary – Gallery

Published April 4, 2024 We extend our deepest gratitude to all who made the jubilee possible with their presence. Your enthusiasm, elegance, and camaraderie transformed a night into a timeless celebration of UF Uppsala’s rich legacy in fostering international discourse. Thank you for being part of this milestone event. Your presence added immeasurable value, contributing to the tapestry of memories that define UF Uppsala’s journey. Here’s to the bonds strengthened, the friendships forged, and the stories yet to unfold. As we look back on the enchanting moments shared, we invite you to relive the magic through our curated gallery capturing the essence of the evening. If you wish to have a picture removed, send a message to pr@ufuppsala.se. Open the image, copy the name, and paste it in the email.   Photography: Sarath Ramachandran

Call for Contributors – Uttryck

The moment you’ve been waiting for is here, the next theme for uttryck is..   ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE   Sometimes we forget that humans are at the centre of everything that takes place around us. Some of the individuals that impact our lives and international politics are powerful leaders, others are activists, scientists, or someone completely different. In this next issue we want to highlight the individual’s role in international politics.    To take part, all you need to do is pick an individual who you consider to have had an impact on an event, idea, or process of your choosing within international politics and consider that specific individual’s role in all of this. We’ll help you along the way to write the best article you can write. Come with us on this journey of foreign policy portraits, we think you have the perfect idea just waiting to be brought out.    Send in your pitch to redaktionen@ufuppsala.se by the 13th of April at the latest to be able to contribute!   Unsure about what to write? Come to our workshop on the 10th of April! See more info on our instagram (@uttryckmagazine)!

Writing Workshop

Date: 10/4 18:15-19:15 Location: B181 Ekonomikum (Uffice) Are you interested in writing an article for Uttryck but a bit unsure about what to write? Then this workshop is perfect for you! Through a series of exercises that you’ll do together with other potential writers and our team of editors you will learn how you can write for us, and what you can write about! We guarantee that you’ll walk home with a solid idea for an article after an hour with us.  No prior experience is needed, fika and supplies will be provided, and you don’t need to bring or prepare anything!  Hope to see you there!

Digitalization – effect and threats upon society’s security

The cyberattacks that hit Coop, Kalix Kommun and TietoEvry brought cyber-security into the public consciousness, but what significance do they really have for societal development? Microsoft was instrumental in mapping out the actors, their origin – and by whom they were sponsored. This lecture will delve into the effect of digitization, what threats it has brought upon society and how it is connected to geopolitical events. Cybersecurity is not just a topic for techies, it affects everyone. April 3 17:30-18:45 Hörsal 2 – Ekonomikum Sandra Barouta Elvin is the National Security Director for Microsoft with responsibility for security issues and security policy issues. She has over 20 years of experience working with IT and information security, strategically and operationally in both the public and private sector.

Apply for the Board 2024/2025

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Travel Blog and Gallery – Greece

Published March 12, 2024 Our time in Athens started with an early morning flight from Cyprus. Being a slightly tired group of travelers on this day, we spent our first hours in Athens exploring the city at our own pace; visiting museums, markets and other beautiful parts of the city. In the evening we walked up to the top of Mount Lycabettus and witnessed a stunning view of the sun setting over the two seas; the Mediterranean sea and the endless sea of white buildings across the city. The second day of our Greek adventure was mainly spent in the small town of Corinth, around an hour southwest of the capital. Some of us decided to visit the famously steep Corinth Canal while others explored the city. In the afternoon, we headed into the countryside to an idyllic vineyard where the only sounds you could hear were birds chirping and trees blowing in the wind. We had a wine tasting with domestically produced wines and we also had the chance to get some insight into their wine production. The next day started off with an exciting meeting with the ambassador of Sweden in Athens. We conversed on many different topics regarding the Greco-Swedish relations, the historic and current ties between Greece and Turkey and Greek involvement in international affairs. We also received insights into the life and career of an ambassador which was very inspiring. After the meeting we continued our exploration of the city and many of its historical sites. For the final full day, we had saved the ultimate historical and must-see site of Athens; the Acropolis. While we were blessed by not traveling during the high season and therefore avoiding large amounts of tourists, the Acropolis was still crowded. Nonetheless, it was a very interesting and impressive place to visit. In the evening, we ate a delicious final dinner at an authentic Greek restaurant. Having packed our bags and being ready to fly home, we had one final meeting on the schedule, with the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We met a representative who held an interesting presentation on different aspects of Greek foreign policy such as Turkey, Ukraine, EU and NATO. To summarize, it is safe to say that we left Cyprus and Greece with many interesting cultural and political experiences, and came home to Sweden with valuable new inspiration and insights. GALLERY