D.C. Day 1: Brunch, Lincoln in Marble & Takeaway Food

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the UF travel blog of Fall semester 2017. Here we will update everyone on both our cultural and political adventures in Washington D.C. The travel group is made up of me, Valentina the travel coordinator, Emmie the travel assistant and, 14 other active UF members.

Here we are posing at Arlanda! Aren’t we cool?

Our trip started off after a rather relaxing travel day of hanging out in a transatlantic plane, discovering that app-based taxis are magical and finding out that we had, in fact, rented a house big enough for 16 students. Yet we did not truly awake until we had brunch the next day, it was the brunch of giants.
Jetlagged students + Mimosa brunch = <3

Since we didn’t have any meetings booked (I guess politicians really do take breaks on Sundays) we made the most out of our day by walking around the most famous parts of DC: The White House, Washington Monument, National World War II Memorial and Lincoln Memorial.

After a combination of an exhaustive amount of new impressions, walking and jetlag we all enjoyed a wonderful variety of takeaway food and felt like we really had gotten the best start of our DC experience. Now we look forward to a week of diving into the political scene of this important city.
Until then,
Valentina Torres Ahlqvist
Travel Coordinator 2017/2018

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