About this group

The Activity Group organizes most events and activities that are not lectures or trips abroad. UF members that decide what activities UF should organize.

At our meetings, we brainstorm new activities, discuss ideas and follow up on ongoing projects. In the Activity Group, several projects are usually being organized simultaneously and the only limit for what projects can be realized, imagination is the only limit! It is up to you how active you want to be and what project you want to help realize.

Examples of previous activities organized by the Activity Group are quiz-nights, fundraisers, study visits, film festivals, language exchange, election nights, theme parties, and workshops.

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Do you want to collaborate? Become a trustee!

Do you want to join us in planning fun events related to foreign affairs? The Uppsala association of foreign affairs is now looking for an activity trustee for 22/23. The UF activity group organizes everything from fundraisers and movie screenings, to pub quizzes and election wakes, gasques and games night, or anything else you can think of small or big. Within the group the association’s members get the opportunity to help with ongoing projects and create new ones. The goal for the group is to give UF members something fun to take part in, both formal and informal events. 

As activity trustee you will be the right hand to the head of activity and will help out with brainstorming, planning, coordination, evaluation and execution of our events. You will be  valuable resources in developing the activity group, and creating a sense of community between the association members. But you will also get an amazing chance to gain a lot of planning and leadership experiences, but also to have a chance to go to different kinds of events and meet amazing people, both as friends and for your future career.  

We seek you who are interested in foreign affairs, creative, organized and reliable. An interest in planning and conducting events are of course the main attributes I’m looking for. No previous experience is required. 

If you are interested, send a short motivation stating  your reasons for applying, background and something about yourself to aktivitet@ufuppsala.se.

Head of Activity

Bejamin Kangert

Frida Svantensson