Are you interested in foreign affairs and would like to learn more through interesting, fun and interactive activities? Then the Activity Group is the right one for you!

About this group

The Activity Group organizes most events that are not lectures or trips abroad. It is the members who choose which activities they want to help organize. At the meetings we brainstorm new activities, specify and define new ideas and follow up on ongoing projects. The projects are often planned in more detail by smaller groups, and the meetings are generally for giving the different projects the necessary preconditions to succeed. This is done mainly by appointing smaller project groups and giving projects certain guidelines. In the Activity Group several projects are usually being organized simultaneously and the only limit for what projects can be realized is the imagination of the members.


At the meetings it is up to you how active you want to be and it can take some time to find the project you want to help realize. The only golden rule is that you follow through with the assignments you take on, but which ones you choose is completely up to you.


Examples of previous activities organized by the Activity Group are: fundraisers, study visits, film festivals, language exchange, election nights, themed parties and workshops.


Come to a meeting, have some coffee and learn more about how the group works!

Activity Coordinators

Katja Åman and Benjamin Samuelsson




  1. As a part of Activity Group, you are guaranteed fun learning, outreach and planning in a social way.

  2. By working closely with others in the Activity Group you will get to practice your skills as a team worker.

  3. Activity Group is good place to let your creativity flow. Come realises all your ideas to actual events!