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About this group

The Career group aims to bridge the gap between students and employers and to give members insight into what a career in foreign affairs can entail. To this end, we organize events and projects to bring students closer to their future.

Striving to provide our members with opportunities to network with potential employers, we organize seminars, prep courses, mingles, and panel discussions. Our flagship projects are Career Day and the Academy of Foreign Politics.

Career day

Career Day is a one-day fair where students get to meet employers from the public and private sectors, academia, and civil society. For the operational year of 20/21 the fair is hosted online, in cooperation with Pax et Bellum, UF Linköping, and UPF Lund.

The Academy of Foreign Politics

The Academy is our annual prep-course consisting of seminars and networking events during the academic year. Our goal is to help students develop personally by getting a more concrete picture of what they want to work with, why they want to work with it and what it takes from them. Thus, it serves as a bridge between studies and working life.

Career counseling and other events

Aside from our two flagship projects, we also provide career counseling, assistance in writing CV’s, and courses in MS Excel, among other things.

For Students

Joining the career group means getting a near invaluable opportunity to get in touch with employers, as well as learning and getting used to navigating the tricky web of foreign politics. As the group is only a few years old, an ambitious student has the opportunity to shape the group and influence the direction of the events. Do you want to establish a mentorship programme? Organize a networking breakfast? We want to provide you the resources to do so.

For Employers and Organizations

Do you want to stand as an exhibitor for Career Day, or teach students valuable skills through the Academy? Are you looking to recruit interns, and meet prospective talents? The Career Group is looking to help familiarize the students with your organization, and provide a steady stream of ambitious and well-prepared up-and-comers for you.

For prospective exhibitors of Career Day 20/21, here is some further information about this year’s setup. The fair is held online, on a separate website dedicated to the event. This website will contain streamed presentations from a variety of speakers, as well as the virtual booths of the exhibitors. Schedules and listings will be easily accessible, as well as opportunities for interaction between students and organizations. Exhibitors will be able to host competitions (staples of any career fair), and post-internship opportunities, social media campaigns, and other promotional materials. Students from the universities of Uppsala, Linköping, and Lund will all be attending the event, greatly expanding the pool of students attending the event from previous years.

Heads of Career

Klara Enerud & Pontus Hansson

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