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One of the main objectives of UF Uppsala is to spread knowledge. To achieve this goal we organize lectures on different topics connected to foreign affairs. To plan and organize these lectures is both rewarding and fun! If you have a dream lecturer or topic you would like to immerse yourself in, then Lecture is the group for you. It is also an excellent opportunity to make connections that can be valuable in the future.

The main role of the lecture group’s active members is to invite interesting people to host lectures. To get famous and experienced journalists, writers, politicians, scientists, professors, and representatives to hold lectures is not as hard as one might think. UF Uppsala is a renowned organization with a good reputation thanks to the incredible dedication of its members. Furthermore, there are lots of people who were involved in the association in the past who are happy to contribute.

The group meets regularly to brainstorm together on who to invite, how to write the perfect invitation, and plan the lectures. Besides inviting lecturers, we also discuss politics and world events. How involved you want to be is up to you, and there is no requirement to participate in every meeting or event.

If you are even the slightest bit interested, do not hesitate to contact us!

Heads of Lectures

Tiffany Yang

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