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Our job in the PR group is to ensure that every student has easy access to all information about the operations, events, and internal organization of UF, we plan out and execute the strategic communication that binds the board and the members through efficient digital channels where we can interact and make sure that no one misses a single activity of UF.

This also involves face-to-face strategies to encourage people to join UF and participate actively in our events  by handing out flyers and collaborating with local newspapers like Ergo and Recentior. 

In the PR group we are actively looking for contributors interested in developing their skills in communications, social media management, marketing strategies, media production, public relations, and more!

If you love designing, filming, photographing, social media managing, or even narrating, and want to be part of a joyful group of students, don’t hesitate to contact us!.

While you’re here, check out our social media!

Heads of PR

Alejandro Velazquez &
Ashbel Sultan

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