Would you like gain new perspectives by stepping out into the world and see what the news might miss? The UF’s travel group arranges two politically and culturally interesting international trips a year.

About this group

Last year 16 UF members visited Ethiopia, Serbia, Hungary and Kosovo. The coming journeys will probably be just as exciting, so make sure to join the travel group’s Facebook group for updates, start-up meeting info and the ability to influence the choice of future trips.


The objective of UF Uppsala is to further international debate by, for example, stimulating discourse and creating opportunities for extensive learning. Might not traveling be the absolute best way of achieving these tasks? As a UF traveler you get the chance of meeting international organisations, local authorities and institutions, NGOs, and businesses, all on site to gain a deeper understanding of the region’s current affairs together with other politically minded people.


In the travel group we decide on the destinations together. These are commonly topical in the foreign affairs arena or they are interesting because they often are overlooked in media. There are usually two trips in the academic year that vary in length. If you want to be part of deciding where the next adventure will take us then keep an eye on the facebook group for the first start-up meetings. All thoughts and ideas are encouraged!


Everyone who is a member of UF Uppsala can join on a trip – we require nothing other than a genuine interest!


Do you have any thoughts or questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

Travel Coordinator

Ebba Berg Gorgén




  1. Get access to meetings and knowledge, you wouldn’t be able to get a hold on travelling alone!

  2. Meet and become friends with other people just as interested in foreign affairs as you!

  3. Have a lot of fun!