Istanbul Travel Blog – Day 4

Today’s bloggers: Linnea Grönberg and Leonard Bektas
We started the day of with a boat trip to the Asian side of Istanbul. In contrast to the European side the Asian side felt less touristy, as we for example mostly found cafés that only had Turkish menues. After eating börek and kokoreç for lunch we took the metro to the office of the Turkish red crescent.

During our meeting with the Turkish red crescent we talked about the refugee situation in turkey and different peograms the tuekish red crescent has for refugees. They really gave insigt into their kızlay kartı program from which refugees receive money to spend on necessities. Overall, the meeting was insightful and gave us a good overall understanding of their work. Half of the group ate dinner at a fish restaurant under the bridge galata köprüsü. After dinner we went to a café and tried different Turkish pastries. We of course had some Turkish çay as well! One of the best food experiences so far!

The other half of the group went to kadiköy, a district with many bars and restaurants. Also a perfect city if you are looking for a wedding or prom dress!

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