UF Uppsala

Published April 4, 2024

We extend our deepest gratitude to all who made the jubilee possible with their presence. Your enthusiasm, elegance, and camaraderie transformed a night into a timeless celebration of UF Uppsala’s rich legacy in fostering international discourse.

Thank you for being part of this milestone event. Your presence added immeasurable value, contributing to the tapestry of memories that define UF Uppsala’s journey. Here’s to the bonds strengthened, the friendships forged, and the stories yet to unfold.

As we look back on the enchanting moments shared, we invite you to relive the magic through our curated gallery capturing the essence of the evening.

If you wish to have a picture removed, send a message to pr@ufuppsala.se. Open the image, copy the name, and paste it in the email.


Photography: Sarath Ramachandran