LECTURE: Burkina Faso – Revolution, Transition and Democratic Culture

What makes a people suddenly oppose the political power? And what happens when the ousting of the political suppressor is completed? Based on long term anthropological research, Sten Hagberg will lecture on the setting of what is now commonly referred to as “The revolution” – namely the dramatic popular uprising of Burkina Faso in October 2014. After 27 years in power president Blaise Compaore was forced out of the parliament.
In the midst of the ongoing democratic transition key questions concern how the street parliament – la ruecratie – and civil society action can be transformed into a true democratic culture. The lecture discusses the prospects for the presidential and legislative elections in Burkina Faso in October 2015 as to mark the end of the transition.
Date 13/4
Time: kl. 19.15
Place:Universitetshuset sal IX
Price: Free for Members, 60kr for others

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