LECTURE: The Greek crisis: Political and economic challenges

Wednesday 27th of May, kl 18.15 Universitetshuset sal IX (free entry)
The Greek crisis: Political and economic challenges
More than five years since the global financial crisis in 2009, the Greek crisis remains a focal point within the Eurozone. In this seminar a number of questions will be addressed: Why has reform implementation  stalled? Is it possible for Greece to regain competitive advantages and return to economic growth within the Eurozone? What would a Grexit look like?  What lessons does Greece offer for Eurozone member states? What would a breakdown in trust between different EU members say about potential future rifts within the Eurozone?
Harry Flam is Professor Emeritus of International Economics. His research has mostly dealt with international trade, foreign direct investment and European economic integration.
Anna Michalski is Associate Professor at the Department of Government, Uppsala University. Her research interests span over international relations and European politics.
Johan Schück is a columnist focusing economic affairs in the Swedish daily DN.
Arrangörer: Uppsala Forum, Utrikespolitiska föreningen, SNS-Uppsala

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