UF Uppsala

Published March 31, 2023

Yesterday Jan Eliasson shared insights in Sweden’s role in the Nordic, European, and global agendas, particularly concerning international security and sustainable development, and the importance of striving for international cooperation and dialogue especially in the presence of conflict in the international system. But he also elaborated on the role that the world plays in Sweden, social mobilization, social integration and remarked the importance of re-evaluate the course of the politization that these issues have taken in Sweden.

Thank to all our members that came to the lecture to hear the inishgts of Jan Eliasson, participate in the Q&A session, and get your copy of Eliasson’s book ord och handling: ett liv i diplomatins tjänst.

Below you find the gallery of pictures taken during the event, remember that if you wish to have a picture removed you need to contact pr@ufuppsala.se and state which picture to get take away from the gallery.


Photography by: Alejandro Velazquez ‘alexvelb’