Making sense of Brexit

Welcome to the first lecture of this semester;
UF Uppsala presents in collaboration with Uppsala Forum on Democracy, Peace and Justice: A panel discussion about Brexit!
Thursday the 23rd of June voters in the United Kingdom voted in a referendum on continued membership of the European Union. With 51.9 per cent of the vote, the leave campaign won the referendum. While the result sent political and economic shockwaves around the world and ignited a passionate debate about its causes, the long-term significance and socioeconomic consequences of the vote to leave remain strongly debated. This seminar explores how we might begin to make sense of this historic political event and its implications for social and political life within and beyond the UK.
What really happened when Britain voted to leave the European Union?
Edward Page, an associate professor of Political Theory at Warwick University, will discuss the direct implication of Brexit, as well as the far-reaching potential consequences of the referendum.
Moderator for this panel discussion will be Martin Kragh, program director and researcher at the Institute of International Affairs.
Date: 12th of September
Place: Ekonomikum, Hörsal 4
Time: 18:15
Admission: FREE for everyone
Normally the entrance fee is 60kr for UF-lectures and only members go for free (membership is 100kr/year). You can still sign and pay for an UF-membership at the lecture if you wish to.

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