UF Uppsala

As member, you have access to all our events and content for free.

If you sign up today, you get a one-year UF membership for free. After that, the membership expires automatically.

The membership includes:

  • Access to our lectures with diplomats, professors, politicians, and influential agents of foreign affairs .
  • The opportunity to participate in our semiannual trips.
  • Access to career seminars, and workshops.
  • Access to our weekly debates.
  • The chance to participate in our broadcasts.
  • Access to our weekly debates.
  • Uttryck magazine releases to your postal address.
  • Open doors to attend our gasques, movie nights, election wakes, game evenings, pub crawls, and much more!

There is no requirement for members to participate in the planning or organization of any activity of the association. However, you can always seek news ways to join one of our groups or the board if you happen to be interested. So it is up to you to decide in what level of involvement suits your curiosity to expand your knowledge of global affairs.

For more information concerning membership questions, please contact our secretary at secretary@ufuppsala.se.

If you have any issues with the registration, please contact us directly via email or through our social media so we can fix your membership as soon as possible.

Support Membership

Our support membership is a membership for former members who want to continue being a part of the association, even though they’re no longer active members. To become a support member you have to be at least 26 years of age and have been a member of UF Uppsala for at least five years. Don’t forget to state your date of birth or Swedish personal number if you pay through the internet.

The support membership costs 500 SEK and gives you a lifelong membership of the association. As a support member, you will continue to receive Uttryck Magazine and free entrance to all the UF Lectures. As a support member you are not entitled to take part of UF travels or field trips.