UF Uppsala

Published May 31, 2023

On our first full day back in Rabat we decided to sleep in and gather some energy after the adventures in Marrakech and Casablanca. We decided to split into halves and eventually head to the old Medina in Rabat for lunch. Spacious and beautiful sections of market stalls gave way to lovely all-white streets which led up to the city’s old keep with an amazing view of the beaches and the ocean. Rabat certainly showed us its best side! 

After a quick lunch, we went by bus to the Embassy of Sweden in Morocco, where Julia and Maja offered us a warm welcome. They explained their day-to-day work, and how it is to be an embassy intern in Rabat, before answering various questions from the travelers. Many of us felt inspired after this meeting!

In the evening we had some free time, where some decided to head to the medina and buy some food to make dinner at the hostel. We also found an alcohol shop (!) and decided to pick up a couple of beers and a wine bottle to celebrate being back in Rabat. Everyone ate together before playing a few games, getting to know each other just a little bit more! 

On our second day back in Rabat, we first visited the National Human Rights Council, a national institution for the protection and promotion of human rights. After lunch, we visited the Moroccan Organisation of Human Rights, an NGO that is devoted to issues of political detention, torture, and human rights awareness. 

In the late afternoon, we spent some time at the beach and some of us tried surfing, which was awesome! Later in the evening we all met up and had our last dinner together in Morocco. On the last day, people walked around in the city and shopping and sat in cafés and parks before we departed from Morocco via Spain to Sweden. 

Written by: Alexander Skingsley and Gustaf Stövling