Musikhjälpen 2021 UF x Studentradion

On the 17th-18th, for 24 hours, UF and Studentradion will broadcast a radio show to contribute to this year’s Musikhjälpen! This year’s theme is ”A world without child labor”. Donate money to help children, wish a song, and parttake in a lottery to win great prizes donated by our beloved sponsors.
Come to Uffice on the 17th at 20.00 to listen to the show and join our Christmas-themed hangout! We will have a gingerbread-house competition and do some christmas-themed arts and crafts and more.


You can donate 20sek to wish a song or donate 30sek to participate in our lottery!
How to participate in lottery:
Click on the link:…
Donate 30 sek – write your name and email – write which prize you would prefer to win – done!
The winners will be announced during the show and will be contacted by email.
(Nation card required for the prizes in collaboration with the nations)
The prizes (in collaboration with):
Norrlands nation: 2 tickets to Vårbalen on May 14
Göteborgs nation: 2 tickets to Räkan on May 1st
Västmanlands-Dala nation: 2 tickets to Falukorvsbalen spring 2022 or Vårbalen spring 2022 (2 winners)
Kalmar nation: 2 tickets to the Kroppkakegasque 2022 (2 winners)
Gästrike-Hälsinge nation: 4 food tickets of 80 kr each (1 winner), 4 pancake tickets of 40 kr each (1 winner)
Östgöta nation: to compose the burger of the month at their pub
Campusbokhandeln Uppsala: 1 gift card of 200 kr (2 winners)
Uppsala Returcyklar: 1 pre-owned bicycle
Campus 1477: 1 membership card for one month (2 winners)
Studentradion: Access to one of their studios during 1 hour for free


Thank you for your contributions and donations! Together we can all help these children to go back to school or let them play with friends. Just like children are supposed to.

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