November 22 – Undercover as a White Supremacist

The voices of nationalists, populists and far right groups have in latter years grown louder. They have been represented by political parties like UKIP and Front National and their messages have garnered headlines across the globe, through the actions of politicians such as Donald Trump and Viktor Orbán. While a more established form of nationalism has taken root in parliaments around the world many radical actors outside of the political system have also become more emboldened. Neo-nazis, fascists and white supremacists have become more active in their advocacy by holding rallies and launching large-scale campaigns. How are these groups organised and what do they look like from the inside? What is it that fuels the motivation of these groups and what is their goal?
For one year Patrik Hermansson was undercover as a white supremacist in the alt-right movement in the United States. He met with leaders in the movement, spoke at alt-right forums and was at the location at the riot in Charlottesville that left one person dead. SVT has made a documentary about his experiences that can be accessed here:
Date: 22/11/2018
Time: 6:15-7:30 PM
Place: Hörsal 2, Ekonomikum
Admission: Free for members, 60 kr for non-members. A one-year membership can be purchased at the event for 100 SEK.
In collaboration with Folkuniversitetet.

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