November 5 – The American Left: A New Democratic Party?

Introducing the third lecture in our four-part series dedicated to the American midterms: America Week!
In popular opinion the American left is perceived as comparable to the European center-right. And during its history the Democratic Party has alternated between more progressive and more centrist positions. But after the success of Bernie Sanders many have argued that a new leftist awakening has begun which will bring a wave of democratic socialism into the political system – but is that really the case? To put the situation of the Democratic Party into the right perspective this lecture will focus on the past, present and future of left-wing politics in the United States by putting it into the context of American political history.
Ian Higham is a political and public affairs specialist with a background in political organisations in the United States. He has a particular focus on international political economy and international security studies and regularly provides analysis and commentary on American politics for television, radio, and newspapers in Sweden.
Date: 05/11/2018
Time: 6:15-7:30 PM
Place: Hörsal 1, Ekonomikum
Admission: Free for members, 60 kr for non-members. A one-year membership can be purchased at the event for 100 SEK.
In collaboration with Folkuniversitetet.

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