Nuclear Weapons with Andreas Tolf

UF presents ”Nuclear Weapons” with Andreas Tolf – President of Swedish physicians against nuclear weapons
No weapon can compete with nuclear weapons in its unique destructive capacity. A single weapon can devastate a city or a country in an instant without distinguishing civilians from military targets. According to WHO, ”nuclear weapons constitute the greatest immediate threat to the health and survival of mankind”. In recent years, the humanitarian consequences of a nuclear war have been a starting point for revitalization and reorientation of the disarmament agenda. What happens after a nuclear detonation? What will be the medical consquenses? Can the health care system prepare for an attack? And will the climate be affected?
Time: 19.15
Date: 8/2-2016
Place: Ekonomikum
Price: Free for members, 60 kr for others. Become a member at the lecture! 100kr for one year.
In collaboration with Folkuniversitetet

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