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 Radio UF records podcasts on many different topics, discussing burning questions and bringing the unknown through the smooth sound waves of your speakers into the bright light of day. Our topics vary from East to West, controversial to misleadingly mundane.

We’re available on studentradion 98.9 every Monday 17:00 – 18:00.

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The Uppsala Association of International Affairs recruits radio trustees at the start of each operational year (around August/September), almost at any time through the year we welcome members that would like to join us in our broacast (without becoming formal trustees) so there is more than one way to join the work. If you want to take the biggest role, by May every year the Association elects the board for the nearest upcoming operational year, there you can become the next Head of Radio.

By being a part of the Radio UF team, you will learn how to produce quality radio content, form and execute creative ideas, and develop organizational skills. A regular day in our work looks like consists of producing interesting, educational, and fun episodes. Radio UF is a dynamic group where we work together to create content for our show, and all the position sin the team require supporting the other broadcasters in their work.

The team 23/24

Laura Andrea de Alba Huerta

Head of Radio


Oscar Hemborg

Radio Trustee