UF in Colombia Day 1: First impressions, Lotten Collin & Football

Hola a todos! We’d like to start off this first post by introducing ourselves: we are this semester’s travel group consisting of 16 people lead by our phenomenal travel duo Valentina Torres Ahlqvist and Emmie Lindström Leister. The majority of us are studying political science or peace and development, but we also have some medical […]

Day Two: Beach, Jaffa and Abu Hassan

After finally getting a whole night’s sleep we woke up well-rested and excited, ready to get to know Tel Aviv. We took a walk to the neighborhood of Jaffa, which used to be it’s own city but in the 40s it became a part of Tel Aviv (and the official name of the city changed […]

UF Travel Group goes to Israel!

This Thursday (1/12) it’s finally time for UF Uppsala’s first trip of the semester: we’re going to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv! On this blog we will be updating frequently about our experiences so that all members get the change to learn about the places we go to, the people we meet and everything else that […]