Natos kommande död? – När en populist tänker nytt

By Niklas Ylander Den kommande amerikanske presidenten Donald Trumps sätt att uttrycka sig har kritiserats på många sätt för att vara rasistiskt, sexistiskt och för att dra ner det politiska samtalet till en bottennivå. Hans svårtolkade utfall om Nato sänder chockvågor som når långt utanför landets gränser, och kan komma att förändra den amerikanska relationen […]

Storms are Gathering

Political Dramas on Both Sides of the Pacific By Magnus Lundström One could safely say that the rest of the world was in a state of shock. All opinion polls turned out to be wrong, and when the smoke and dust from the battlefield was settling, the real-estate billionaire, Donald J. Trump, had won the […]

Hold on to your hats

Photo: Michael Vadon President Trump’s foreign policy means we’re in for a bumpy ride, folks. By Niclas Hvalgren The Donald Trump victory was a shocker. Not just for us in liberal Sweden, either. No polling firm, political analyst, election guru or otherwise predicted it (save for a Chinese fortune-telling monkey). For many the first instinct […]

The Polarization of the GOP to blame for Trump’s success

Photo: Darron Birgenheier Donald Trump has cemented his lead in the Republican race for the presidential nomination, and after leaving Super Tuesday as the biggest winner, it might be too late to catch up. Who is to blame for this? Most likely, the USA’s polarized political system and the fragmentation of the Republican Party. When […]