It was our last day in Ethiopia, and we woke up well rested and ready for breakfast! Except for some people, who woke up to the discovery of some new bed bug friends. These were soon forgotten however, as we headed out into the streets of sunny Gondar. Situated at a height of 2,300 metres, […]


Sunday the 12th was partly a travel day when we went from Bahir Dar to Gondar, but we did have time to see some sights as well as experience possible the best – as well as a more questionable – food experience during the trip. Staring of at the morning, some of us went to […]

UF in Ethiopia day 7: Lake Tana and traditional dancing

When in Bahir Dar, some of us were not in our best shape due to either the long bus ride, the new bacterial strain or maybe not using hand sanitizers enough. Some of us needed to rest for a while, if we put it that way. Others (Ebba and Julia) also started to feel a […]

UF in Ethiopia day 6: Ten hours of beautiful struggle

I wake up at 3 am on the bathroom floor. There are two plausible candidates why I have had to get my beauty sleep within arm’s reach of these facilities. One is tasty Sambosas on a street corner in the company of a group of friendly old men, the other a bag of caramelized peanuts. […]

UF in Ethiopia day 3: Red terror, AU/EU and a dinner surprise

After starting off our Tuesday with breakfast, we went to the Red Terror Memorial Museum. It was a small but very important and moving place, as it explained the rise and acts by the communist regime between 1974 and 1991, and the killing and torture they exposed to the people. The museum showed pictures of […]

UF in Ethiopia day 2: Intensive meetings and diplomacy

Second day of the trip, a day full of meetings! We had breakfast at our hotel and walk to the first one: the Swedish Embassy in Ethiopia. We were received with a traditional swedish fika by our hosts Helena and Alicia. During the meeting, they gave us a brief background of the work done at […]

UF in Ethiopia Day 1: Stories without boundaries and a taste for injera

Welcome to the UF travel blog! The destination of this spring has been Ethiopia, a country in the horn of Africa that is currently undergoing a lot of political reforms and structural changes. On the fourth of May, 16 travelers set of to a long journey from Uppsala via Istanbul to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia! […]

Apply for this semester’s trip to Ethiopia!

Would you like gain new perspectives by stepping out into the world? Two times a year, UF arranges visits to culturally and politically significant places in order to promote understanding of issues relating to foreign policy in an international context. Previous UF delegations have visited Colombia, Israel and Palestine, Uganda, Cuba, Washington D.C., Myanmar and […]

September 24 – Peace in the Horn of Africa?

  The signing of the Peace and Friendship Agreement on 9 July formally put an end to the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea that has gripped the countries for the past twenty years. The five-point agreement has already led to opening air- and telephone communication as well as diplomatic relations. This dramatic turn of events […]