November 7 – Our Vision of the European Union

  The European Union is at a crossroad. After a few years of turbulence, the dust has started to settle and the main question is in which direction the EU should go. Should it follow the path of more integration or will the critical opinions of leaders such as Victor Orbán be given more influence? […]

May 10 – Managing a House Divided

The Bulgarian EU presidency has declared it will prioritise the strengthening of the EU integration process in relation to the Western Balkans. Such ideas have revealed a potential split on the EU level between the “enlargment sceptic” parts of the union, and populists in Central Europe that might use it to further their own nationalist […]

16 April – The Future of Global Free Trade

Free trade is a polarizing issue and it is often used as a mean to advance a political agenda by both the left and the right. While many politicians strongly support free trade, especially those from export-oriented countries like Sweden, negative sentiments has grown among those who feel like they do not get their share […]

23 mars – EU:s framtid, panelsamtal med EU- och handelsminister Ann Linde

Vilken är vägen framåt för framtidens EU och hur kan vi arbeta för att öka delaktigheten i EU? ___________________________________________ Programmet – Inledningsanförande av Ann Linde, Sveriges EU- och handelsminister – Panelsamtal om framtidens EU och behovet att gemensamt arbeta för att stärka delaktigheten i EU Medverkande: Ann Linde, Sveriges EU- och handelsminister Marlene Burwick, kommunstyrelsens […]