25 maj – Migration till Europa

Migrationskrisen i Europa har gått få förbi. Människor flyr för att hitta tryggare platser att starta om sina liv på, eller vänta ut de svåra situationerna och sen återvända hem. Ett sådant tryggt område har varit Europa. Europa har dock haft svårigheter att hantera dessa människor. I flyktingläger längs medelhavskusten växer hopplösheten, integrationen haltar och […]

7 May – Movie Night on Democracy

Democracy is facing its most serious crisis in decades. In 2018 we are left to ask if the future holds continuous decline or a push back for robust democracy. As the semester in slowly coming to an end this will be the Activity groups last event for the year. Come and join us for the […]

26 april – Att jobba inom EU

Sedan Sverige blev medlem i den Europeiska Unionen den 1 januari 1995 har många svenskar fått möjlighet att arbeta inom EU:s institutioner. Under denna föreläsning kommer Maria Westermann att tala om hur det är att som svensk göra karriär inom EU och hur det är att arbeta med dokument som har anknytning till EU:s lagstiftningsarbete. […]

Apply for the UF Board of 2018/2019!

Apply to become a Board Member of the Uppsala Association of Foreign Affairs!   To apply, send an e-mail to val@ufuppsala.se where you concisely describe yourself, what post you are applying for and why you think you would be suitable for it. Maximum 1 A4. All board positions are open for application for English speakers, […]

9 April – Taiwan, China Relations, from the perspective of Taiwanese Ambassadors perspective

Historically, relations between Beijing and Taipei governments have been characterized by limited contact, tensions, and instability. After decades of hostile intentions and angry rhetoric, Chinese-Taiwanese relations started improving in the 1980s. Party-to-party talks between have since been resumed and semi-official negotiations through organizations representing the interests of their respective governments are being scheduled. However, there […]

5 April – Colombia, will the peace last?

On the 24th of November 2016, the second version of the peace agreement between the Government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) was ratified in congress after 60 years of violent conflict. The success of the peace negotiations received worldwide attention and President Juan Manuel Santos was rewarded with the Nobel […]

24 January – Get Active Mingle

Once again it is time to repeat last semester’s success – it’s time for the Uppsala Association of Foreign Affairs bi-annual Get Active Mingle! If you’re wondering what UF is, how you can get involved or do you just want to meet new people that are curious about foreign affairs this is the perfect opportunity […]

22 September – Human Rights in a Time of Global Insecurity

The Martin H:son Holmdahl Lecture – Human Rights in a Time of Global Insecurity Time: 2.30 pm Venue: Grand Auditorium, University Main Building Free Entrance Ambassador Jan Eliasson, former Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador and Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations (2012-2016) discusses the connections between human rights, development, and security. The Vice-Chancellor, Professor […]