The Blank Spot Project – Martin Schibbye

Blank Spot Project is a digital platform for storytelling journalism, reporting from around the world. We want to show more of the world and write the stories that do not get written.
When the journalist Martin Schibbye was released from an Ethiopian prison after 438 days in captivity, a fellow prisoner whispered “Tell the world what you have seen.” We are now a number of editors, photo editors, photographers, investigative journalists, digital developers and reporters, including Martin Schibbye, who together have decided to do just that: Tell what the world outside Sweden looks like.
Martin Schibbye is a freelance journalist from Sweden and has published reportages and articles in several Scandinavian newspapers. He has also worked for Swedish public service radio. A human outlook characterizes the work of Schibbye – where focus often lays on stories with little media attention. In 2013 Schibbye and photographer Johan Person published the book 438 days, describing their imprisonment in Ethiopia during 428 days.
Time: 19.15
Date: 9/11
Place: Ekonomikum, hörsal 3
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