Through the eyes of the Bunong – Radio UF – 2016-05-23

If you look through the eyes of a Bunong person what do you see when your forest is torn down? What about when your identity is questioned in law? What about when you are dragged into a conflict that doesn’t involve you? If you look through the eyes of a Bunong person, what does development, war and nationality look like? Check out our episode on the experiences of the Bunong people. We talk about how the uniformity of what is happening to them means we can find similarities to the experiences of thousands of people around the world.
This is the last episode of this season! But we will be back after summer with more exciting stories about international politics and the world. If you have any thoughts on how we do our show, any ideas for future shows or if you want to join our team, write to us on Facebook or contact us on And make sure to attend the ”Meet and Join Radio UF”-meeting in the beginning of next semester! Until then, we at Radio UF hope you have a great summer. Take care!

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