Two Wars and Multiple Realities: US and Russian Communication on the Ukrainian and Syrian Conflics

Throughout history philosophers, such as Sun Tzu and Carl von Clausewitz, have noted that war is politics by another means. In this case, to try compel another actor to do what you want and which they may not want to do without the use of coercion. The other dimension to the war and politics mix is communication, and especially the role of mass media. BBC producer Kenneth Payne once (2005) described mass media as an instrument of war.
This talk shall use the examples of the Ukrainian and Syrian conflicts, and how these are communicated by different American and Russian sources in order to make the connections between politics, communication and war. Different realities are shown to emerge through the use of emotional and value laden narratives and communications.
Place: Ekonomkum Hörsalarna
Date: 11/02/16
Time: 18.15
Price: Free for members, 60 kr for others. Become a member at the lecture! 100kr for one year.
In collaboration with Folbuniversitetet

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