UFS Forum Weekend 2022 Gallery

On Saturday 19 Karlstad University hosted Forum Weekend 2022 and UF Uppsala was present to be part of the gathering of representatives of local associations

Become a Trustee for Lecture Group!

Lecture group are looking for two new trustees! Being a trustee in lecture group means that: You will have the chance to talk with many

MEET THE BOARD 2022/2023

The Board 22/23 is all set and we want to open up about who we are, what our interests are and what we do at

Autumn Annual Meeting 2022

If you are interested in participating in the decision-making of UF, join us in the Autumn Annual Meeting tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. If your membership

Debate Club: Criminal Justice

Should a particular practice be considered criminal? How should criminal behavior be punished? With crime being socially defined, what does this mean when a society’s


We at UF Uppsala are looking for proactive, organized and creative trustees for our 8 diffeent groups. Do you want to contribute one of the

Debate Club Opening Session

Both new and returning students are welcome for the first Debating session of the new academic year. Venue is B115. Coffee will be served.


APPLY NOW! The Autumn Semester 2022 is around the corner and in UF Uppsala we want to encourage you to join us in one of