UF Uppsala wants you for the board!

Have you considered becoming more active in the student life of Uppsala? Do you want to meet great people and contribute to one of the most active associations in Sweden? Are you getting a bit tired of Netflix and want to make the most of this strange year? Well look no further – this is your opportunity. UF is recruiting again for the coming semester!
The following positions are available:
One (1) Editor-in-Chief of Uttryck Magazine [länk till ufuppsala.se]
Two (2) Heads of Careers [länk till ufuppsala.se]
Two (2) Heads of Lectures [länk till ufuppsala.se]
All positions are open for English speakers. If you are interested and think that you would be suitable for any or various of these interesting positions, then send a personal letter to the Electoral Committee. In the letter, tell us who you are, which position(s) you are applying for, if you have previous relevant experience and why you would fit for the job.
Send the letter to val@ufuppsala.se and we will be in touch shortly, the recruitment is ongoing so send your applications as soon as you can. Do not hesitate to contact the Election Committee at val@ufuppsala.se if you have any questions.
Deadline to apply for Uttryck and Career: 9th of December.
Deadline to apply for Lectures: 9th of January.
Short about the positions:
Editor-in-Chief of Uttryck Magazine
As editor-in-chief, you are responsible for the printed version of UF Uppsala’s member magazine Uttryck. You have great opportunities to renew the magazine and test your own ideas. Together with your editor-in-chief-colleague, you lead the editorial team in the work from idea to print of the magazine.
Heads of Careers
As a bridge between student life and the job market, the Head of Careers arranges events to better prepare for the life after studies. Earlier years the main events have been Career day – a popular social sciences fair – and Utrikespolitiska Akademin (The Foreign Policy Academy) where selected students get personal insights to jobs within foreign affairs.
Heads of Lectures
The core of UF Uppsala is the weekly lectures and you willbe in charge of planning, arranging and executing them. Dedication and organizational skills are essential, since you need to be able to keep track of several things at once. As responsible for the lectures of Sweden’s largest foreign affairs association you need to be willing to put in time and effort, but the reward is high since the reputation makes it possible to invite prominent names within the field.
Find out more about the positions here: 

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