Uppsala Model United Nations project group application

The planning of the annual Uppsala Model United Nations is getting started and we’re looking for people to the project group to help organize the session!
The positions in the projects group are:
The Scenario Officers (x3) are, in a broad sense, responsible for the academic quality of the conference. Alongside the President and first Vice President, they will be responsible for establishing the theme of the session. This involves not only selecting the concrete theme, but also conducting proper research regarding constellations and rules of procedures. Further, the Scenario Officers will be largely responsible for producing informative and pedagogic material to assist delegates in the understanding of the rules of procedure and the context of the simulation. Lastly, the Scenario Officers are also tasked with supervising the academic quality of the committees’ work, as well as that of the documents produced.
Funding Officers (x2): The Funding Officers are primarily responsible for ensuring that the session is adequately funded. The primary tasks that this will involve is establishing connections to partners willing to financially sponsor the simulation, as well as seeking government and foundation grants. Further, the Funding Officers will also work alongside the Logistics Officer where applicable, to ensure the acquisition of in-kind grants going smoothly.
Marketing Officers (x2): The Marketing Officers primary responsibility is ensuring that students not only in Uppsala, but around Europe and the world know of the session. As such, the Marketing Officers will be working largely independently with a diverse variety of platforms to spread UMUN-related materials, not only prior to the event, but also during and after the event. During the actual event the Marketing Officers will be tasked to document the simulation.
Liaison Officer (x1): The Liaison Officer is, broadly speaking, to be responsible for all delegate-related issues leading up to the session. This includes keeping a registry of delegates who have signed up for the event, keeping track of payments, answering questions and inquiries from the delegates, as well as assisting the delegates if they need assistance in the acquisition of visas. They will also be largely responsible for delegate issues during the session, though the burden is more split.
Logistics Officer (x1): The Logistics Officer is to be the simulation’s contact person for venues, catering and similar. They will be responsible for ensuring that food and snacks are ready for the delegates at the designated times, and will be responsible for ensuring that everything (organizationally) flows nicely. To some degree, the Logistics Officer will also be working with the Funding Officers with the establishing of contact with potential sponsors.
Send your CV and personal letter (maximum of 1 page) to umun@ufuppsala.se, and let us at the same time know which position you’re applying for. Application deadline is September 30th, and we look forward to reading your application!
If you have any questions you’re more than welcome to let us know, either via Facebook (UMUN) or e-mail (umun@ufuppsala.se).

Thanks for reading, we hope to see you soon

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Since its foundation in 1948, UF Uppsala has been working to encourage debate on foreign politics and international affairs. We do this by arranging weekly lectures throughout the academic year.

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