Uppsala Model United Nations is a conference which students from various backgrounds and Universities attend. When applying to the conference you are able to participate in one of the UN’s councils, this year UMUN has three committees to offer: the World Health Organisation (WHO); the General Assembly (GA); and the Security Council (SC).

During the conference you will discuss two topics in your councils and the aim is to create a UN draft resolution for each topic. This is done through formal and informal UN sessions, replicating the real UN councils in order to provide the participants with the best experience possible. To prepare for the MUN, each delegation writes a position paper on the two topics to explain where their country stands. The position paper should be one page per topic, i.e. two pages long, and the sources you use, ought to be as official as possible from your country.

Everyone who is over the age of 18 and attending a University is eligible to apply.

UMUN is created by the UN-association of Uppsala and UF Uppsala,

You can find more information about UMUN and apply for the conference here