Women: The Way To World Peace – Implementing resolution 1325

Welcome to UF’s and FEMJUR’s last collaboration for this semester! The topic of the lecture is really the perfect match for our associations and we are super excited to end with a lecture on such an important and interesting subject. Don’t miss out on this one!

Women constitute one of the largest groups of civil victims in armed conflicts. At the same time women play an important role in conflict prevention and peace-building. UF and FEMJUR have been wanting to arrange a lecture on this interesting matter for a long time and now the waiting has come to an end! Operation 1325 visits us  to talk about their work in Sweden to implement resolution 1325.

What is resolution 1325?
It’s a resolution about women, peace and security which was adopted by United Nations Security Council in 2000. This was the first time that the member countries acted to incorporate a genderperspective in all parts of peace-building.

What is operation 1325?
It’s an umbrella organization, founded by several women- and peace-building organizations and it actively works to implement the UN resolution 1325. The organization engages in advocacy work  for women to be included as decision makers in all questions of international security and conflicts. They also work to make  the perspective of women permeate all of the swedish peace-building; diplomatic relations, development cooperation, and military and civilian efforts.
Date: 04/5-2016
Place: Ekonomikums hörsalar
Time: 18.15
Price: Free for members, 60 kr for others. Become a member at the lecture! 100kr for one year.
In collaboration with FEMJUR & Folkuniversitetet

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